Day 1, November 20, 2014 (all times Pacific)

In Person Virtually
Start End Title Name Category Affiliation Presenting
8:008:10 Welcome, Intro, Logistics Matousek, Steve Intro NASA - JPL
8:108:30 Mars CubeSats, NanoSats, and Other Small Payloads Parrish, Joe Overview NASA - JPL
8:308:45 Atmospheric Reconstruction Devices Braun, Robert Mission Georgia Institute of Technology
8:459:00 CAPTURE (Controlled Autonomous Proximity Technologies with Flux Pinning and Reconfiguration Experiments) - CL#14-5000 Bayard, Dave Mission NASA - JPL
9:009:15 Mars EDL CubeSat Mission Thangavelautham, Jekanthan Mission Arizona State University
9:159:30 Application of Mars CubeSat Constellations to Atmospheric and Interior Structure Investigations - CL#15-0142 Asmar, Sami Mission NASA - JPL
9:309:45 The Paradigm Shift of the Mars Cube One (MarCO) Mission - CL#15-0141 Asmar, Sami
Matousek, Steve
Mission NASA - JPL
9:4510:00 Hummingbird's Charm in Mars Neighborhood Scheld, Dan Mission N-Science Corporation
10:0010:15 Break
10:1510:30 Flying, Hopping and Perching Microbots for Extreme Environment Exploration Deployed Using CubeSats Thangavelautham, Jekanthan Mission Arizona State University
10:3010:45 Dandelion Lander Geophysical Network (Dandelander) Svitek, Tomas Mission Stellar Explorations
10:4511:00 Ares Aloft: Martian Atmospheric Entry and In-Situ Resource Utilization via Cubesat - CL#14-5010 Stuart, Jeffrey Mission NASA - JPL
11:0011:15 Phobos Hyperspectral, Radiation, Gravity, And Magnetometry Experiment using Nanosat Technology (PHRaGMENT) Gunter, Brian Mission Georgia Institute of Technology
11:1511:30 Small Spacecraft Systems and Trajectory Design: Getting a CubeSat to a Mars Moon in One Year? Spangelo, Sara Mission NASA - JPL
11:3011:45 Autonomous Space Weather 3U CubeSat in deep space Segret, Boris Mission Paris Observatory, LESIA
11:4512:00 Demonstration Of A Mars Tug Using A CubeSat Sail Mission With A Visit To Deimos or Phobos Lo, Martin Mission NASA - JPL
12:0013:30 Lunch (on your own)
13:3013:45 Atromos - Exploring the Martian Surface with Nano-Satellite Technology Murbach, Marcus Mission NASA - Ames
13:4514:00 Mars WeatherSat Mercury, Michael Mission NASA - JPL
14:0014:15 CubeSat-Class Spinning Landers for Mars Ridenoure, Rex Mission Ecliptic Enterprises
14:1514:30 Enabling Deep Space CubeSat Missions: Telecommunication challenge - CL#14-5030 Chahat, Nacer Subsystem NASA - JPL
14:3014:45 MWaDi: Mars Water Distribution Mission Clark, Pamela Mission IACS/CUA @ NASA/GSFC
14:4515:00 Augmenting and Evolving the Mars Relay Network Using a Constellation of Identical CubeSats - CL#14-4961 Babuscia, Alessandra Mission NASA - JPL
15:0015:15 The Critical Role of CubeSat Spacecraft in a Multi-Tier Mission for Mars Exploration Straub, Jeremy Mission University of North Dakota
15:1515:30 Mars Telecommunications Relay CubeSat Constellation Spencer, David Mission Georgia Institute of Technology
15:3015:45 Break
15:4516:45 Panel: Deep Space CubeSats: Current and Future Challenges Various
16:4518:00 Workshop Reception Outside Hameetman Auditorium (dinner on your own after reception)

Day 2, November 21, 2014 (all times Pacific)

In Person Virtually
Start End Title Name Category Affiliation Presenting
8:00 8:15 Approaches to Interplanetary Rideshare Accommodations for CubeSats Szatkowski, Gerard (Jake) Infrastructure United Launch Alliance
8:15 8:30 Payload Data and Communications System (PDCS) - CL#14-4995 Kahn, Peter Infrastructure NASA - JPL
8:30 8:45 Aerocapture Orbit Insertion System Braun, Robert Infrastructure Georgia Institute of Technology
8:45 9:00 Small Satellite Dynamics Testbed - CL#14-4996 Mohan, Swati Infrastructure NASA - JPL
9:00 9:15 RocketPod for Mars Ridenoure, Rex Infrastructure Ecliptic Enterprises
9:15 9:30 PACMAN on Mars: Reusable Multi-Functional Orbiting NanoSatellite Platform Harvey, Jeff Infrastructure MMA Design LLC
9:30 9:45 Entry, Descent, and Landing System for 3U Landed Payload Braun, Robert Infrastructure Georgia Institute of Technology
9:45 10:00 MarsDrop Architecture: MicroLanders to Enable Multiple Landings At Every Mars Opportunity - CL#14-5011 Staehle, Robert Infrastructure NASA - JPL
10:00 10:15 Break
10:15 10:30 Red Nose Rudolf Reindeer March Project Feller, Rudolf Other National Education - France
10:30 10:45 Cubesats for atmospheric limb infrared radiometry at Mars - CL#14-5128 Kleinboehl, Armin Instrument NASA - JPL
10:45 11:00 BioSentinel/Mars: Interplanetary Space Radiation Biosensor Experiment in Transit on Mars 2020 Ricco, Antonio Instrument NASA - Ames
11:00 11:15 BIRCHES: Compact Broadband IR Instrumentation for Mars CubeSats Clark, Pamela Instrument IACS/CUA @ NASA/GSFC
11:15 11:30 Atmospheric Water Experiment for a Small Orbiter at Mars (AWESOM) - CL#15-0185 Hayne, Paul Instrument NASA - JPL
11:30 11:45 Flux-Pinned Interfaces for Martian Applications - CL#14-5009 - PowerPoint - Movie Jones, Laura Technology NASA - JPL
11:45 12:00 CubeSat RocketCam Subsystem Ridenoure, Rex Subsystem Ecliptic Enterprises
12:00 13:30 Lunch (on your own)
13:30 13:45 Hybrid CubeSat Propulsion System with Application to a Mars Aerocapture Demonstration Mission Jens, Elizabeth Subsystem Stanford University
13:45 14:00 Cubesat-scale Reaction Wheel Isolation System - CL#14-4980 Alvarez-­Salazar, Oscar Subsystem NASA - JPL
14:00 14:15 A Deployable High Gain Reflectarray (DaHGR) Antenna Harvey, Jeff Subsystem MMA Design LLC
14:15 14:30 Multiple CubeSat Mapping of Martian Moons - CL#14-5029 Tweddle, Brent Technology NASA - JPL
14:30 14:45 Terrain Relative Navigation for Pinpoint Landing using Cubesats - CL#14-4997 Mohan, Swati Subsystem NASA - JPL
14:45 15:00 Lasercom for Interplanetary CubeSats Kovalik, Joseph Technology NASA - JPL
15:00 15:15 Sterlized Mars Cubesats to Explore Special Regions Paige, David Technology UCLA
15:15 15:30 Break
15:30 15:45 Mechanical Development for a Mesh Ka-band Parabolic Deployable Antenna (KaPDA) for Interplanetary CubeSat Communications - CL#14-4947 Sauder, Jonathan Technology NASA - JPL
15:45 16:00 On the Use of Printed Hybrid Rocket Motors for Mars Sample-Return and Other Missions Fuller, Jerry Technology The Aerospace Corporation
16:00 16:15 ADEPT Deployable Aeroshell for Cubesat delivery to Mars Surface Wercinski, Paul Technology NASA - Ames
16:15 16:30 Investigating Potential Interplanetary CubeSat Trajectories when Deployed from the P-POD or Other Similar CubeSat Deployers Smith, Liam Technology Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
16:30 17:00 General discussion and adjourn